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Lindsay Pera
KT Sloan - Almanac Lover

“Ordered mine again! If anyone is on the fence, you will not regret this purchase! It’s become a sacred tool for me the past two years & I can’t imagine now ever going without!

It has been my trusted companion on the journey & helped me reach destinations beyond my dreams.”

Almanac Lover


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  • The Mystics Gift Emporium: This digital sanctuary contains free guided audios of most-used Mystics practices, including:
    • An EFT Tapping Practice from Claire Hayes to release the tension of “No Time”, when you like you don’t have enough hours in the day to accomplish your goals.
    • An Energy Clearing practice with Rebecca Kane: “I am open to receiving”
    • A relaxing Mystic Alchemy Meditation from Lindsay Pera to create space from your full day, and deepen into a sacred state.
  • Live Virtual Events: Invitations to special community events and workshops through our in-app calendar.
  • Beautiful Phone Wallpapers: Including our 2023 Moon Calendar and the Mystics Manifesto. Use your devices with more intention.
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